Shadowdark Hero

Magic Items

Bag of Holding

A worn, leather pouch with tight drawstrings.

Benefit. This bag has an interdimensional space inside that can hold up to 10 gear slots.

Curse. Placing this item inside another Bag of Holding or a Portable Hole destroys both items and all held inside them.

Boots of the Cat

Grey, doeskin boots as thin and soft as slippers.

Benefit. You can jump up to a near distance from a standstill. Your checks to move silently are always easy (DC 9).

Bracers of Defense

Steel bracers traced with dwarvish runes of protection.

Benefit. You get a +1 bonus to your armor class.

Brak's Cube of Perfection

A tiny cube with paintings of goblins on each face, each one depicting transcendence in a physical or mental trait.

Benefit. Roll the cube by rolling a d6. Your corresponding stat permanently increases to 18 (+4). 1. Strength. 2. Dexterity. 3. Constitution. 4. Intelligence. 5. Wisdom. 6. Charisma.

After being rolled, Brak's Cube of Perfection teleports to a random location in the multiverse.

Cloak of Elvenkind

A hooded, billowing cloak that shifts colors to match its surroundings.

Benefit. Your checks to hide are always easy (DC 9). Once per day, you can become invisible for 5 rounds. The invisibility ends if you attack or cast a spell.

Fairy Pumps

Green, leafed-shaped shoes are as comfortable as they are magical.

Benefit. All Dexterity checks are done with advantage.

Gauntlets of Might

Heavy, bronze gauntlets with engravings of Herculean giants.

Benefit. Your Strength stat becomes 18 (+4) while wearing these gauntlets.

Immovable Rod

A short, bejeweled iron rod with a button on one end.

Benefit. When you click the button, the rod becomes fixed in space. Clicking the button again ends the effect.

Jewel of Barbalt

A glistening, coconut-sized ruby held in golden claws.

Benefit. You roll a critical success on an 18-20.

Curse. You roll a critical failure on a 1-3.

Kytherian Cog

A coin-sized, toothed wheel.

Benefit. You start every session with a luck token.

Ophidian Armor

Glistening, smooth leather of dappled emerald scales.

Bonus. +1 leather armor.

Benefit. You have advantage on checks to avoid the effects of poison.

Pearl of Power

A fat, opalescent pearl glowing with an inner radiance.

Benefit. Once per day, you may regain the ability to cast a spell you have lost. This cannot restore a spell lost due to a critical spellcasting failure.

Potion of Extirpation

An acrid, tarry substance in an iron flask with a lead stopper.

Benefit. You can pour the potion on one object or creature filling up to a close area. The target is utterly removed from reality and cannot be returned by anything short of a wish spell.

Personality. Chaotic. Protests loudly while being used and never agrees that the target is the right choice for extirpation.

Potion of Healing

A glass bottle with a fizzy, lemon-vanilla liquid inside.

Benefit. The imbiber of this potion regains hit points based on its level.

LV 1-3: 1d6 hit points.
LV 4-6: 2d8 hit points.
LV 7-9: 3d10 hit points.
LV 10+: 4d12 hit points.

Potion of Invisibility

This glass vial appears to be empty, but a liquid audibly splashes around inside it.

Benefit. When you drink this potion, you become invisible for 10 rounds or until you attack or cast a spell.

Scarab of Protection

A brooch made from a horned scarab beetle dipped in gold.

Benefit. If you die, make a DC 18 Constitution check. If you succeed, you are unconscious instead of dead.

Shortsword of the Thief

A stubby, grey blade riddled with notches and scars.

Bonus. +1 shortsword. +2 if wielded by a halfling or thief.

Benefit. Once per day, regain a luck token you just spent.

Staff of Healing

A knotted, oak stave with a heavy knurl on one end.

Bonus. +1 staff.

Benefit. Once per day, you can touch a creature with the staff to heal it for 1d6 hit points.

Sword of the Ancients

A chipped and rusting blade with an oiled leather grip.

Bonus. +2 longsword.

Benefit. The sword is unbreakable and can carve through any material.

The owner can summon the sword to their hand if it's on the same plane.

True Name

The secret, unique name borne by a creature and documented in The Covenant. Few creatures know their own True Names.

Benefit. You have advantage on attack rolls and spellcasting checks targeting a creature whose True Name you utter.